In pursuit of higher adsense earnings

What every blogger wants is a site with content that people loves, so it can get some decent amount of traffic. It is also a validation that his efforts to do research and publish content are being rewarded.

But beyond traffic and readers love, there is also a financial part of monetizing the blog and more importantly doing this efficiently and without annoying or bothering readers with lot of popups and ads everywhere.


Luckily, there are tons of tools available now to help bloggers with this and this article is our attempt to summarize and review few of them. It will be a living article and grow as we explore different options and analyse their results and capabilities.



This is the first one we tried. It is an official google partner  and offers two programs

a) To play around with the layout of the site and help generate a layout that works best with users

b) Place ads in different locations and see what generates high CTR and hence higher earnings

Interesting, since they are google partners, they are allowed to show more than 3 ads on pages.

Their integrated reporting feature also looks very interesting, so we will continue to explore this further as we spend more time exploring its capabilities


  • Google partner
  • You can render more than 3 ads
  • Free CDN to make site faster
  • Easy setup


  • In theory it all looks good but since all these changes are algorithm driven, your site may end up looking wierd on days when algorithm plays around and generates different layouts for your site.
  • They keep adsense earnings for few days and send you a check later
  • Trial is free but either you share your earnings with them or pay them a monthly fee


Next tool that we tried was AmpedSense


  • You don’t share your earnings with anyone.
  • Earnings continue to goto your own account and there is additional layer that collects your earning and pays you later


  • Bit more involved since you are performing this testing yourself, so you have to do all configuration and play around with configuration. But that being said, support is super awesome. We had some issues with configuration ( caching framework messing up with script) and support team was able to debug and fix all the issues promptly.



Hopefully this ends up the tool of our choice and we don’t have to dig any further to explore other offerings.

So stay tunes as we post updates on this page and summarize additional features and report our earnings changes after we test this tool for a month or two