Tesla is fixing the big problem with its Model X windshield

Tesla is doling out removable windshield sunshades that are free to Model X owners to reduce the number of heat and sunlight coming through its windshield that is unusually big. That windshield, while supplying a magnificent view of the external world, lets in a lot of sunshine. Sometimes that’s a superb thing, but it can be a bit overwhelming if your daily commute takes you into the sunlight. It affords an incredible view, albeit one interrupted by the black strip that links the mirror assembly electronics to the auto. But, if it is bright, it provides little in the way of protection. Actually, it can get bright up there, even with the gradient that is shaded that Tesla fitted the top half of the windshield with.   But Tesla has a solution: removable sunshades being distributed by it’s to all Model X owners. The sunshade covers the entire windshield place above the rear-view mirror, blocking 66 percent of direct light and heat from entering and hitting the driver. At least it is removable, although it does negate much of the appeal of the huge windshield.    

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