Did you just move into Cincinnati? Perhaps you are a long-time resident but first-time car owner? Regardless, it is always good to know where to go and who to see when you need to have glass repaired on your vehicle. The following is the details on the three best places to go to for auto glass repair in Cincinnati.

Please remember to contact the services directly with your queries and concerns. Their contact information has been provided below for your assistance.

1)Guardian Auto Glass Cincinnati


Guardian Auto Glass Cincinnati is a locally owned company in the Cincinnati area. Every glass related service imaginable is offered there, from windshield replacement to quarter glass replacement. Unlike most other companies, Guardian Auto Glass Cincinnati offers a free mobile service, which means you can have them come to you for no extra charge. Another great feature is that their products come with a lifetime guarantee to put the customer at ease.

Customer reviews are positive for the company, stating that they do quick and quality work and are always an affordable price compared to some of the other companies. Testing the waters is painless as they offer free online quotes.

auto glass repair cincinnati

Image Source: guardianautoglass.com

As it is a common problem, and one that is one of the leading causes of needing such a repair, rock chips are an area this company focuses on. On their website, they make it clear that all rock chip repairs cost $75, something that, while isn’t necessarily cheap, doesn’t break the bank either.

Another positive feature is that while it is a locally owned store, they are backed by the parent company, Guardian Auto Glass. It is a division of Glass Industries which has been in business since 1932, resulting in a service that certainly has staying power.

If moving into town, this may be the perfect store for you, especially if you have been a customer of another franchise at one of the many locations all over the US.

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2) Techna Glass Cincinnati


The Cincinnati franchise of Techna Glass is a mobile unit that offers a wide range of auto glass repair services in Cincinnati. In comparison with other similar companies, their prices are much lower than average and based on reviews from satisfied customers, the quality doesn’t suffer from these low prices. Their main attraction is a very lucrative one.

If you ever get a windshield replacement from them, that car is entitled to free rock chip repairs for life. This is something that not many other companies offer and is certainly a huge selling point for the company.

As well as that guarantee, if the windshield itself breaks within one year of it being installed, it is replaced free of charge.

On top of their prices, they offer a free online quote. If you take advantage of this free quote, you automatically receive a $25 discount on their services. This can be done on their website or over the phone.

As they are a mobile unit, they will come to you anywhere in Cincinnati, saving you the hassle of having to find a find to the auto repair store with a broken windshield. They are also part of a franchise that is well respected in the repair community, a mark of quality service.

Contact Information:

  • Store number : (513) 685-3800
  • Free quote line: 1-888-891-2231
  • Website: technaglass.com


3)American Auto Glass Repair In Cincinnati


American Auto Glass is a glass repair company specializing in windshield repair in Cincinnati. While they don’t have the flashiest website, they strive for quality and have a mission statement of quality in all their repairs. They state that they will go wherever you ask, be it home or work to do the repair job.

They too offer a lifetime guarantee on their products with a free estimate on costs. An important service they offer is same day emergency auto glass repairs as well. What this means is you could shatter your windshield in the morning and have it repaired the same day.

auto glass repair cincinnati

Image Source:americanautoglassshop.com/SERVICES

On their website, American Auto Glass does have a few coupons that can be used on various services. The best ones offer 10% off a cash job (paying cash) as well as $25 off if you spend over $250. Their rock chip repair price fall in the middle of the spectrum, relative to the other two companies. They state a price of $45 for such repairs.

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It can be seen that prices vary so much for auto glass repair in Cincinnati and that is just one city! Obviously, it can be seen that shopping around for quotes and the like is a very important practice to secure the best price. From these three companies at least, it is obvious that if you need any glass repairs done in the Cincinnati region, Techna Glass Cincinnati is the place to take your business, at least for rock chip repair.

For actual windshield replacements, the standard cost is around $200-$300, all you have to do as a customer is to find the best place for you.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for basic guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.