Driving can come with so many risks and worries, especially when you’re driving through an unfamiliar area.  Vacations and day trips cause stress and the potential for complications often lead people to avoid them or take extra precautions that are costly and unnecessary.

When traveling in San Diego, however, there are plenty of people who are there to help with auto glass replacement, especially if you run onto trouble involving any of the windows in your car.  Cracks and other issues can really destroy any trip, but with the proper information, you’ll be well taken care of, especially if the damage is severe enough to warrant repairing or replacing something as important as a windshield.

 Auto Glass Replacement of San Diego

One of the leading auto glass repair companies you’ll find in the area is Auto Glass of San Diego.  They do a great deal of a different kind of work on auto glass, which is great if you live locally and want to do more than just have your windshields replaced or repaired.

Their website is very clean looking, and they offer so much, that it’s easy to see they’re not only professional but extremely talented in the work that they do.  Just by browsing their site, it’s obvious that they:

  • Replace and repair windshield glass.
  • Replace and repair door glass.
  • Tint windows.
  • Offer mobile service.
  • Offer a lifetime guarantee on all their work.

Knowing that the work they do isn’t just for emergency cases is very reassuring as to their level of skill and the hard work they put into all they do.

 Contact Information:

Phone: 619-279-5690

Website: autoglassofsd.com

Auto Glass Center of San Diego

Another leading auto glass repair company is Auto Glass Center of San Diego.  They offer plenty of ways to get in contact with them, including a toll-free number as well as a local number.

Their website is really impressive, and they even include youtube videos on their homepage.  The benefits of using this service are:

  • They’re open seven days a week, so you’ll never have to worry about having issues with appointments.
  • They offer coupons for their services right on their website.
  • They not only repair and replace windshield glass, but they also repair all auto glass, as well as offering chip repair.
  • They offer mobile service.
  • Their site features pictures and videos to help you describe and assess your own damage.
  • Getting an estimate is extremely easy—just call.


auto glass replacement san diego

Image Source: www.autoglasscenter.net

Regardless of where you are when your auto glass gets damaged, this company guarantees that someone will be able to come out and help you, which is especially helpful when the damage is so great that you can no longer drive.  For those coming from outside that area, that kind of guarantee takes a ton of stress out of traveling.


Contact Information:

Local Phone Number: 1-619-722-3111

Toll-Free Number: 1-858-333-7744

Website: www.autoglasscenter.net/index.php?mobile=1

Local Come To You Services

If you happen to encounter a rock large enough to really damage your windshield, you may not be able to drive into a shop.  It’s important to be prepared with places that will send someone out to you in order to help you out.

Below are some places that provide mobile services and will come to meet you wherever you are to help.

1. Citywide AutoGlass

Phone: 858-569-6526

Website: citywideautoglass.com

Provides free mobile service and same day service for all windshield and auto glass repairs and replacements.  This company has employees with over thirty years of experience

2. Gold Coast Auto Glass

Phone: 619-357-2205

Website: www.gcoastautoglass.com

Free mobile service and online quotes available.  This company has been around for over fourteen years.

3. Safelite San Diego

Phone: 877-800-2727

Website: www.safelite.com/stores/San-Diego

One of the most trusted companies out there when it comes to replacing and repairing windshields and other auto glass.  They have centers across the nation and a lot of resources and expertise to provide customers.  They guarantee mobile services to anyone in the San Diego area.

Average Replacement Costs

Unless you’ve dealt with windshield replacement and repairs before, it’s hard to get a grasp on how much it will cost you.

  • Cost really depends on how badly the glass is damaged, and where the damage is located.
  • For example, replacing the entire windshield because it’s damaged beyond repair will cost just under $300, whereas replacing a window for a door would be a little less, ranging under $250.
  • If the damage happens in multiple places, then the cost will be much more.  Of course, if it’s just a crack, the price will range according to the level of difficulty of the repair.

Regardless of what happens during your everyday commute, or while you’re on vacation, there’s many companies that provide the services you need to have your windshield or other auto glass repaired or replaced.  When you’re in San Diego, you’ll be taken care of!

DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.