Auto glass specialists provide reliable, affordable and high-quality services to their clients. These specialists appreciate the important role auto glass plays in the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of automobiles.

United States Of America, as the largest motoring nation in the world, has a very advanced auto glass industry with many reputable and professional players. We review three leading American auto glass experts and the average costs of their services.

Why Use Auto Glass Specialists?

There have been many reported cases of auto repair scams where unscrupulous technicians use poor quality automobile parts. This can be very costly to the vehicle owner, not to mention the danger inherent in using poor quality replacements.

Auto glass specialists are well-respected professionals who use glass from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or their equivalents. Automobile owners must use only the best professionals for their auto glass requirements as not doing so can lead to many problems including:

  • Use of poor quality auto glass costs more in the long run because of frequent replacements
  • Injuries are aggravated in case of accidents as the glass tends to shatter violently
  • Substandard glass and mirrors impede a driver’s visibility, resulting in serious accidents.
  • The incorrectly fitted glass may fall off due to the use of the wrong fixing agents. Precision auto glass fitting can only be performed by professionals who use state of the art technology and techniques
  • Chipping is common when the wrong replacement glass is used
  • Substandard glass will crack easily under the vagaries of the weather such as excess heat and cold
  • Non-professional repairs and replacement of auto glass may affect the structural integrity of the vehicle thereby reducing its durability and safety.
  • The cosmetic appearance of the vehicle will be negatively impacted by low-quality jobs and this may devalue the vehicle

The repair or replacement of any automobile part must restore the vehicle as close as possible to its original state by ensuring safety features, durability and performance are maintained.

Statistics indicate that each year nearly 8% of all the registered vehicles in the United States are involved in some sort of collision. This translates to 15 million vehicles each year incurring damage that needs repair. Conservative figures put the cost of repair at $200 billion annually.

This large demand for auto glass repair and replacement services is met by a number of companies that are reputed for their quality and professional services. We review three of the best automotive glass companies.

Safelite: Automotive glass professionals

This is one of the largest auto glass companies in America with many branches in many states. With over one million repair jobs carried out per year, Auto Glass is part of the Belron Group of South Africa. It is based in Columbus, Ohio and employs over 9500 associates, half of who are auto glass repair technicians.

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The company offers a variety of services in its 5000 repair shops spread throughout the country:

  • Auto glass repair- this constitutes the bulk of the jobs performed as it is a cheaper option for most people as opposed to replacement. Chipped glass repaired at an early stage will save you the money you would have spent replacing it
  • Mobile Services for the convenience of the people who do not have the time or inclination to drive to an automobile service center. A technician will drive up to your home or place of work equipped with the right tools and carry-out a repair or replacement job in a fast and professional manner
  • Highly trained technicians who undergo yearly skills improvement training courses ensures that your car is in reliable hands. The company’s ISO 9001:2000 certification ensures that systems are in place to guarantee quality
  • Insurance documentation for claims is simplified because of the long working relationship that the company has with well-known insurers. This reduces the hustle one has to go through when chasing insurance claims.
  • OEM or their equivalents are used for the replacements, guaranteeing the durability and quality of the glass.

For a quote for services of this company, call 877-664-8931 or visit the Safelite Auto Glass website.

Discount Auto Glass: Experts in repair and replacement

Founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1999, this is a well-established automotive parts company that also deals in domestic glass fitting and repair. The wealth of experience gained over the years means that your needs will be met in a reliable manner.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Repair of chipped glass as the first important step in preventing the appearance of serious cracks that could mean an expensive replacement job. High-quality finishes ensure that the glass is returned to an almost new condition.
  • Replacement broken mirrors. Without mirrors the driver is blind and the prompt replacement can make the difference of the safety of an automobile and its occupants.
  • File insurance claims can take up one’s valuable time. No need to worry as Discount Auto glass have the expertise and manpower to ensure accurate claims are made with the insurers
  • Wiper replacement is essential as poor quality wipers can have a negative effect on the windshield. Cracks and scratches resulting from defective wipers are unnecessary as the replacement of the blades is affordable and fast.
  • Based on responses by their customers, Discount Auto glass has a good reputation as an expert service provider in the industry. Some positive customer reviews given are:
  • Quick, efficient service
  • Responsive and friendly staff
  • Quality finishes
  • Appointments honored in time and booked at the customer’s convenience

For further information, feel free to contact the company on 1-888-889-0005 or visit the Discount Auto Glass website. You can also contact them through email–

Glass Doctor

From a single shop started in the early sixties, the Glass Doctor has grown into a large automotive and residential glass service provider. Glass Doctor currently boasts of over 300 shops all over the continental United States and Canada.

In addition to these locations, the company has licensed a total of 175 franchises across the United States and Canada.


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This extensive network of self-owned facilities and franchises make the Glass Doctor among the largest glass service providers in America. Apart from the residential glass repair and installation they have become well known for, the company also deals in automotive glass by offering a variety of services:

  • Affordable windshield replacement using original automaker glass that is of high quality and reliability
  • Windshield repair that is convenient, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly. Costs are also kept to a minimum as the insurance companies will normally reimburse the small amounts involved
  • Mirror and door glass replacement using the latest diagnostic and fitting equipment in the market.

Glass Doctor also repair and repair glasses for the home such as shower door glass and windows. As a leader in the industry, the company has been in the forefront in sponsoring automotive glass safety standards. Together with other stakeholders, Glass Doctor has promoted initiatives to develop these standards which have been lacking in the industry.

For more information and to book a service appointment, call 502-969-5656 or visit the Glass Doctor website.

 Automotive glass repair costs

Repair costs for auto glass are not uniform and are dependent on factors such as the type of vehicle, the extent of the chipping or cracking and whether it is covered by insurance companies. However, the average costs for these services are as follows:

  • Windshield replacement- between $250 and $1000 depending on make
  • Windshield repair- $60 for a chip and $100 for cracks

Automakers are now producing vehicles that can last twice as long as they did in the past with little or no maintenance. This means that vehicles are staying longer on the road before they are replaced. The care and maintenance of an automobile include all parts that come with the machine.

Auto glass is an integral part of the vehicle and must be treated as such. When replacing or repair glass that has been damaged it is of paramount importance that you hire auto glass specialists that are competent and professional. This will ensure that you get the most reliable, affordable and timely service for your automotive glass needs.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.