Recreational vehicle (RV) windshield glass is one of the most costly vehicular glass you can come across. Even the smallest damage if ignored can grow into a huge RV windshield replacement cost for you running into $1000’s. If you cannot get the crack or chip on your windshield repaired, an RV windshield replacement is the only option left.

While the average vehicle’s windshield replacement costs are in the hundreds of dollars, RV’s will start at $1000 for replacing an entire windshield (RV windshields are usually 2 components). If you need to replace just half of your RV windshield, the costs start at $500 and go up very quickly depending on the make of your RV and its model. Add to this the cost of labor involved in replacing them and you are easily looking at over $1000 per half for a lower-end windshield replacement, if not double in many cases.

So to avoid these huge expenses, always try and get your RV windshield’s chip or crack sealed or repaired as soon as you notice them. This type of repair is only about $50, so you can see why timely prevention is cost-effective.

Even though full vehicle insurance can usually cover the RV windshield replacement cost you incur, it may not be the case for everyone. Depending on which state you live in and which insurance company you are insured with, coverage can vary. Most insurance providers differ in what they consider as repairs and replacements and what they regard as included or not included in their policy. Bear this in mind and check with your RV insurance provider to be sure what they cover and the dollar limit on what they will pay out in case of a windshield replacement.

If you are tempted to replace the windshield on your own to cut costs, don’t even think about it. The techniques required in replacing a huge RV windshield is highly skilled and should always be done by a qualified and experienced professional. A professional job will cost you more, but save you plenty of a headache and troubles in the future.

For the best prices and quotes, you can either approach your dealership or search online. If you go online, start with Complete Autoglass and Auto Glass Center. They have nationwide stores and can do on-site repairs for you very professionally.

While it may seem convenient to ignore the expensive RV windshield replacement costs, you should not take chances with this expensive component. Delays can lead to other unexpected expenses and will affect the value of when it is time to sell or trade-in your RV.