The average windshield chip repair cost across the United States is as varied as the repairs themselves. The actual costs will change depending on what type of repair is completed and which auto glass service you will use. Windshields may be tough and difficult to damage but once they are cracked, it can pose a danger to the driver and those sharing the road with him.

It is imperative to have any repairs completed quickly to avoid any further damage to the windshield and to keep repair costs for you relatively low.

Cost of Repairing  Windshield Chips and Cracks

A windshield sustains damage when gravel or other debris hit the glass and cause chips and cracks to form. Typically this damage is minimal, only creating a mark or small scratch that can be repaired easily and generally cost about $30; although some companies will actually offer this service for free if you have breakage insurance.

A crack repair will cost a bit more and can range from $20-$60 depending on the auto glass service shop. If you choose to go with a mobile service, the repair may cost up to $55. You should keep in mind, that every occasion of a chip or crack damage done to the windshield is repaired on an as-need basis, meaning you will pay for the repair when it happens.

Size of Damage Affects the Cost

It stands to reason but the size of the damage done to your windshield will also affect how much the repair will cost. For example, a smaller chip or crack of a foot or less will cost approximately $50-$60 in repairs. A larger chip or crack will range from $60-$70 to repair; unless the entire windshield needs replacing which will then average about $300 per vehicle.

What is the Average Cost Per Vehicle Type?

The average cost to repair a windshield will change for each vehicle type, for example:

  • Car windshield replacement or repair – $30-$324
  • Sports utility vehicle (SUV) windshield replacement or repair – $164-$290
  • Pickup Truck windshield replacement or repair – $164-310
  • Minivan or Van windshield replacement or repair – $174-$294

The Windshield chip repair cost for most vehicles is approximately the same right across the country; it mostly depends on what size vehicle you own and what kind of damage your windshield had sustained. Each auto glass service shop has their own way of examining the damage and will give you a quote on all cost factors associated with the repair; although you may use the Internet to get an idea of what you can expect. Always perform a price comparison, if you are able to via the company website and get a quote before any work commences.

DIY Option

If you want to repair windshield yourself, find out best windshield repair kit