Full coverage insurance is an all-encompassing insurance service. What it entails is completely covering you and your vehicle from anything that could possibly happen. Obviously, this is much more expensive than a more bare-bones cover.

It will result in a lot of fewer headaches down the road if you have a bad accident as you didn’t have to worry about being covered by your bad bones cover.

Full coverage auto insurance benefits

There are a number of benefits that only full coverage (some companies) allows:

  • All people that drive your car are insured, not just the person that is the owner of the vehicle. This includes all family members and friends driving your car.
  • All your possessions in the car are also covered in case of theft or damage or the like.


Full Cover Auto Insurance Cover for Windshield Replacements and Repairs?

Full cover auto insurance does cover windshield replacement and repairs. A lot of the time, all the costs to get your windshield repaired will be waived as well as replacements will be free under the coverage. This is a general rule, however.

Check with your insurance provider to see if this is true for them as well. A lot of insurance companies see auto glass claims as a “no-fault” claim, however. What this means is in a lot of cases, is that your premiums will not go up if you claim for auto glass repairs. This, of course, depends on both which insurance company you are with as well as exactly how the auto glass issue arose.

Factors Affecting Full Cover Auto Insurance Costs

In the US, how much your insurance costs is dependent on a variety of things. Your risk profile dictates how much your premium will end up being. Some of the things that affect your premium are as follows:

  • Gender of the applicant. It is seen by many insurance companies that men are much more likely to commit driving crimes such as DUI’s and other accidents. As a result, as a rule, women will have lower premiums than men.
  • Age of the applicant. As a rule, as you get older, your insurance premiums will decrease. This is due to having more experience than a lot of the new drivers that are on the road. Of course, as you get older (into your 60s and 70s) your premiums will begin to increase again as your senses begin to dull and driving becomes more difficult for you.
  • Your premiums increase because you become more likely to have accidents and the like again. A lot of the time, it may be cheaper for young people (16-18-year-olds) to be placed on their parent’s insurance policies than simply getting their own coverage as a result of the premium for their own age.
  • What is on your driving record (accidents etc). The more accidents you have had in your past, the more likely you are to continue having them in your future. As a result, your premium increases every time you have an additional accident.
  • Driving experience. Related to the age factor as earlier described, the more experience you have, the lower your premiums will be.
  • Amount of driving. To put it simply, the more often you drive, the higher chance you have of having an accident. If you drive less, there is a less likelihood of you being involved in an accident of any kind.

Full coverage auto insurance is obviously going to be more expensive than the bare bones type of insurance that only covers you for a small number of situations, usually only third-party type insurance.

The average quote for full coverage insurance is roughly $100-$150 per month (up to $2000 a year). While this isn’t necessarily cheap, it is heavily recommended that once you are an adult and own a vehicle, you should get full coverage insurance.

Popular Full Cover Auto Insurance Providers in the USA

There are a wide variety of different companies that offer insurance. A few are as follows:


USAA is known for having virtually the cheapest prices of any insurance company out there. The only foreseeable downside to the company is that they only do business with people that have some affiliation with the military (that is either having served in the military or have a family member that has been in the military). Other than that, there aren’t many better companies out there.

full coverage insurance

  • Name: USAA
  • Phone Number: 210-531-USAA (8722)
  • Website: www.usaa.com

 Erie Insurance Group

Erie Insurance Group has an affordable price and is regarded as being a quality service with good customer service. They have a few interesting and helpful features such as your first incident not affecting your premiums as well as receiving a discount for many years of no accidents. There is nothing like USAA’s military requirements either.

full coverage auto insurance

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Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance has quite a competitive pricing as well as being regarded as having quite high quality and customer service. They have a similar discount policy to Erie to reduce premiums in return for years of safe driving.

What is Full Coverage Insurance and Why your Vehicle Should Have One? 1

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In Summary

There is a variety of factors that impact your pricing with full coverage insurance. It is recommended that you definitely do get it if you can afford it but the pricing will be affected based on your risk profile. Always look at a few different places to find the coverage and price that is right for you.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.