One thing that all responsible vehicle owners must take special care of is their windshields. Windshields help protect us from the world outside our vehicle and add strength to the frame of our vehicle in the case of a rollover accident. Unfortunately, windshields can easily be damaged by passing vehicles or flying debris from roadways. Luckily, many of these chips and dings can be easily repaired by a professional, and can usually be taken care of by using a mobile windshield repair service.

What is Mobile Windshield Repair

Mobile windshield repair is a fantastic way to repair minor chips before they spread into a large crack that requires a costly replacement of the entire windshield. A mobile windshield technician will be able to repair your windshield from pretty much any location. You will not need to worry about coming into their office or leaving your vehicle for an extended period of time. These technicians can typically repair your windshield while you are working so that your schedule is never interrupted at all.

Most reliable windshield repair companies have the ability to conduct the entire transaction wherever is most convenient for you. Usually, initial assessment and repairs can be made at the same time. It is important to remember, that not all chips can be repaired. Laws have been set in place that helps protect other drivers on the road. Sometimes, depending on location and size, you may be required to replace your entire windshield. Luckily, most insurance policies cover repairs and replacements at little to no cost to you.

When to use It and Its Benefits

You can choose a mobile repair service any time that you have a repair that needs to be taken care of. Most companies now allow you to schedule appointments online, which gives you added convenience and flexibility. There is very little that you need to do in preparation, other than keeping your windshield dry for at least an hour before the arrival of the technician. It is a good idea to be available so that the technician can discuss with you the options, but this is usually not required.

Repairs take roughly an hour, but this depends on the type of vehicle, the condition of the windshield and the size of the chip. These repairs offer the same quality as if they had been completed in the shop and also come with the same warranty that is provided for traditional repairs. Usually, mobile services cost the same amount, but you will need to determine that with the company that you choose.

How to Choose a Reliable Repair Specialist

When choosing a mobile windshield repair specialist, you will want to be certain to select a company that is certified and has been in business for a while. Newer businesses or ones without proper certification have the possibility of damaging your windshield beyond repair, so it is important to have the repair completed properly the first time. Check with your insurance company in order to determine which specialists that they prefer and work with on a daily basis.

You will also want to understand a little about the process before calling around. This will help you with your selection process and help you make an easier selection. Make sure that you know what type of material that the business uses and only choose a company that uses high-quality products when making repairs. It is also a good idea to choose a company that does both repairs and replacements in case your chip is not reparable.

Average Costs

It is important when looking for a technician to repair your windshield, to request multiple quotes from a variety of companies. Prices range between $20 and $325 so a variety of quotes will help you make a better decision. It is very important to repair a chip or crack properly since your windshield protects both you and your passengers. At times, small surface cracks can be repaired using a DIY kit or service, but cracks that have penetrated the surface, you will want to leave to the professionals.


Basically, if you can run your fingernail across the area and it is caught, you will need to seek professional assistance. A normal repair should run between $20 and $60, depending on the size and depth of the chip. Chips that are up to one foot should run between $50 and $60, while ones between one and two feet will cost $60 to $70 to repair. Anything larger than two feet, as well as chips and cracks that are in the direct line of vision of the driver, will require an entire replacement of your windshield.

Windshield Repair Scams

Be wary of people approaching you in parking lots claiming to be a windshield repair tech who claim to have noticed a tiny chip in your windshield. Since insurance companies typically wave the deductible for windshield repairs, this has become an easy con for those wanting to make some easy money. They will attempt to convince you that they have noticed a chip, that although almost invisible, will lead to trouble down the road. This is a way to swindle your insurance company out of hundreds of dollars and is considered insurance fraud.

Windshield chips can be annoying and an eyesore, but they can also pose a risk to the safety of the passengers in your vehicle as well. It is important that repairs be made in a timely fashion, in order to cause further damage from happening and to protect yourself from injury. The easiest way to complete this task is by choosing a quality mobile windshield repair service in your area.


DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.