Riding on your motorcycle, hair blowing in the wind, out on the open road; it gives utter freedom and contentment. Imagine having to worry about whether your phone, your house keys, and your wallet are safe. Now, that would totally disturb your feelings of freedom and tranquillity. Luckily for all you bikersT-Bags has a product that will ensure that your tranquillity and freedom is not interrupted.

Tbags T-Bags Windshield Bag is perfect for storing small items while you enjoy the open road. The T-bags company has been around since 1990 and caters exclusively to travel gears for cruiser motorcycles. With more than two decades of making custom travel bags for motorcycles, you can rest assured that the T-Bags Windshield Bag is an excellent product, designed with you bikers in mind.

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What’s so Great about T-Bags Windshield Bag?

They are very convenient for keeping cell phones, iPods, sunglasses, wallets, and other small items. This will definitely enhance your riding experience as you’ll have somewhere to store those necessary small items. The T-Bags Windshield Bag is also ideally located resulting in easy access to those necessary items.


Durable materials. The T-Bags are made from tough decorated PVC and strong leather. These materials are durable and ensure that the product is of high quality and will last for while if given the proper care and prevent any costly repairs or expensive replacements.

UV protection. As much as we love the sun, it can sometimes be very damaging; not only to us as humans but also to man-made products. The PVC in the Windshield Bag contains UV blockers which provide protection from the sun. Isn’t it comforting to know that whatever items you put in this windshield bag will be protected from the sun?

The Tri-factorT-Bags Windshield Bag has not one, not two, but three compartments. That’s plenty of space to store whatever items you have. The middle compartment is the largest of the three and is suitable for storing larger items such as your phone and wallet whereas the other two compartments are perfect for smaller items.

Custom Fit. This windshield bag is custom fit for all 4 inches and taller FLHT windshields. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that you will need to make tedious adjustments for it to fit your windshield as long as your FLHT windshield is 4 inches or more.

Lifetime Warranty. Everyone loves a good warranty and T-Bags offers a lifetime warranty on all their products including the T-Bags Bag. As long as you purchased your bag directly from a T-Bags factory or from authorized T-Bags dealers, you are entitled to a lifetime warranty. Just produce your proof of purchase and make use of this warranty when needed.


Review of Tbags T-Bags Windshield Bag 1



There are a lot of great things to be said about the product. Some other notably pros are:

– It is stylish and it fits in well with the bike. The bag fits the fairing very well with no unnecessary protrusions or over-hanging. This ensures a neat and sophisticated finish.

– Installation does not take a lot of time. Installation can take a minute or two. It would take a longer time for you to put on your motorcycle jacket and helmet. Since it takes only a minute or two, this goes to show that it’s very easy to install this windshield bag and you can do it yourself without any help.

Review of Tbags T-Bags Windshield Bag 2

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– Are you concerned that the windshield bag might obstruct your view? Don’t be. This bag is low enough to ensure that the rider’s view is always clear and unobstructed.

– The Velcro fastener on the flaps of the bag ensures that they stay tightly closed at all times. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned that going fast on a highway will cause the flaps to open and your valuable items sent flying in the breeze. Once you close the compartments on your T-Bags bag, they stay closed.

– A clean, glistening motorcycle is definitely a beautiful sight. Whenever you are ready to clean your motorcycle you can easily remove the windshield bag to accommodate cleaning and just as easily replace it once you have finished cleaning.



It’s not easy to find any cons for such a great product. However, one con might be due to the fact bolts doesn’t come with these bags. Bolts/screws are needed to fasten the bag in place. You will need to buy these separately before installing the bag to your windshield. This is only a very minor setback since the bolts needed are very cheap and can easily be bought at any nearby store. You might even already have some at home lying around just waiting to be used.

Value for Money?

One Tbags T-Bags Windshield Bag will cost between $53- $ 75. That is value for money and you can check to see where you can get the bag for the lowest possible price. Some major brand-named companies that specialize in motorcycles and motorcycle accessories have quoted prices between $100-$170 for a windshield bag. These bags not only cost less but they are also durable.


Our Verdict

This amazing product seems to have a tri-factor component. They are durable, convenient, and affordable. Customer reviews on Amazon show a 4.5 out of 5-star rating for this product. That is simply awesome and speaks to the fact that customers are very pleased with this product. We think this will be the perfect gift for you and your biker friend.


Bottom Line…

Tbags T-Bags Windshield Bags compliments a rider’s need for freedom from inhibitions. The bag is convenient and secure enough to hold important items ranging from a cell phone to house keys. The bag also offers a stylish look since it fits in neatly with the windshield. The materials used to make it are durable which means that you get value for your money. It is also more affordable than other brands but this affordability doesn’t mean lack of quality. This affordability only enhances the greatness of this product.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.