What Are the Typical Car Window Repair Costs You Should Pay?

Getting your car window repaired or replaced is not something any of us hope to have to do, however, there will probably come a time when it will happen to you, so it’s best to be prepared. There are several factors which will affect the cost of your car window replacement, from things like what type of car you have, the glass you need, the cost of labor, and whether it is manually powered or electrically powered.

In this article, we hope to show you the general car window repair costs you can expect to pay for the different areas, which will affect the cost, so you’ll know how much you should be paying if it comes to it. That being said, we would always recommend getting a few quotes before settling on your first choice.

Cost of a car window replacement

The cost of car window replacement, while this may seem obvious, really depends on which window you need replacing. Replacing a side window, such as the passenger side window can cost between $100 and $200For the windscreen, it can be as much as $350-$400 depending on where you go and what type of glass is required for your car.

If you consider yourself a handyman you can buy the glass you need from a garage and replace the window yourself, the glass itself can cost anything from $40-$80. However, this should tell you how important it is to fit the glass properly since the cost of labor is usually over $100.

So unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s definitely recommended to get it replaced and fitted professionally than to have a crack at it yourself, as it could cost you much more money in the long run if you make a few mistakes and then have to have it professionally fitted on top of that. If it isn’t fitted properly there’s also a danger risk if it comes loose due to not using the right adhesives.

Car Power Window Repair Cost

Electric car windows are used in a variety of vehicles and make opening or closing your car window easy and much less time to consume than doing it manually, they also serve an important safety function; giving you the ability to quickly close or open your window if you’re in a dangerous situation.

Repairing an electric car window is a little more complex than a manual one and because of the multiple components needed for it to work can be pricier, depending on what exactly is broken. There are several parts that could be at fault and the prices reflect this, let’s have a look at some:

1.Window regulator

Window regulators for foreign or luxury cars are also more expensive than those for domestic cars. The price can range anywhere from $100-$400, depending on what car you have, however generally speaking if you own a domestic car that isn’t considered a luxury car, for example, it isn’t a Mercedes C class, then you should be looking at the lower end of the spectrum.

2.Window Motor

Generally fairly cheap, for most common cars, even the slightly more expensive ones, you’re looking at around $112-$125, however, for more rare cars you could be looking at as much as $300. While $300seems like a lot and may be an inconvenience, chances are if you have a very expensive race car, this won’t be much of an issue for you.


Once again, labor is more expensive for foreign and luxury car windows. The labor costs for repairing a car regulator can vary from $115-$145 for most popular car models and rises steeply to $340-$430 for the high-end luxury models.

Broken Car Window Repair Cost

Even if you have what you consider a tiny chip rather than a broken window, it’s very important to get it seen to immediately. What starts out as a small chip can quickly become a much bigger problem if you don’t see to it sooner, and then you’re looking at full window repair costs, not to mention it can be dangerous should you go over a pothole and it sshatterswhilst you’re in the car, not to be pessimistic, but hey, these things happen.

As a general rule a broken car window can cost anything between $50-$200, depending on several factors, such as the type of glass, which window it is (windscreen is always more expensive),  the cost of labor, and how broken it is; that is to say whether it’s simply a chip or a cracked and shattered window.

Concluding Thoughts

When looking at a car window replacement it’s important to know what you’re after, and when you should replace, and what money you could be looking at spending. As a general rule, if you think it needs replacing; then it probably does, so don’t waste any more time!

The prices range considerably from it being cheaper generally for non-electric powered windows, to more expensive for electric, luxury or foreign cars. But bear in mind, even if you have a rare, foreign expensive car, you really shouldn’t be paying over $400 for a replacement on any of your windows.

It is also important to note that you can get car window replacements covered by your car insurance policy, you’ll have to check yourself whether you are covered for broken windows, and it isn’t always made explicitly clear in the policy, it can take a bit of sifting through to find the relevant parts. However, even if you are fully covered, it’s likely that it’s just your windscreen, not your other windows, and often you will have to pay the excess.

While this may not be ideal, it certainly helps, and has the added benefit of not effecting your no claims bonus whatsoever so you really have nothing to lose! Hopefully you’re now a little clearer on car window repair costs and everything else they entail, should you end up in that dreaded situation where you do need a replacement.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.

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