Windshield repair in Chicago is no problem. If you had a bad accident in the Windy City or went down a few too many dirt roads, resulting in rock chips, one of the following three places might the best place to go to.

Aaron Auto Glass

For over three decades (founded 1980), Aaron Auto Glass has been serving Chicago by fulfilling all of their glass repair needs. They specialize in all things auto glass, from windshields to windows. With over five locations and thirty technicians in the greater Chicagoland area, this is certainly a place to consider when you need a replacement windshield.

If you would like to know an estimate of the price you will be charged, you can receive a quote on their website by simply filling out a detailed form about your vehicle’s circumstances. For peace of mind, every service that they offer is detailed on their website with the procedure of the repair as well as the standards it adheres to.

On top of this, Aaron Auto Glass offers a mobile service for when you can’t make it into one of their physical locations. They also state that most of these mobile repairs can be scheduled for the same day (8am-5pm), resulting in a very quick and reliable turnaround on repairs.

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They offer a warranty on all of their purchases and state that they stand behind the quality of their work from their impressive relationships with suppliers as well as their technicians’ skill set. This company’s selling point is their wide coverage of the area as well its longevity in the area of auto glass repair.


Contact Information

  • Address: 4318 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 60639
  • Phone number: (773) 227-5200
  • Website:


Auto Glass Masters & Trim

Auto Glass Masters & Trim was founded in 1991, serving the area for over twenty years.

They are only a mobile service, bringing their repair service to you every time with the same day or next day guarantee. This is their policy for windshield replacements; rock chips and scratches are repaired even faster than that.

Their website features a comprehensive list of the many car brands that they feel truly skilled in with respect to glass repair.

Another valuable feature of the company is a lifetime guarantee on their products. If your windshield is defective, they will credit either you or your insurance company with the amount of money needed for a windshield repair.


As well as glass repair, they also do headlight restoration and car detailing, making them an all-encompassing auto repair company.

On their website, they have a quick scheduler form, where all you need is to give some basic information about your situation and you will be swiftly logged into their system after you have been quoted with a figure for repair.

Swift service is by far this company’s selling point.

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Fernandez Auto Glass & Repair

Fernandez Auto Glass & Repair is an auto glass repair store in Chicago. Like the other stores, their main focus is on repairing auto glass such as the windows or windshield of your vehicle.

On Yelp, their review score is flawless, with many customers stating the company exhibits perfect customer service and provides high-quality workmanship. One of these customers stated that they had their windshield replaced on the same day (in ninety minutes after arrived as well as being two hours before the store closed) and for under $200 which is a very low price.

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Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer a quote on their website, however calling their phone number or talking to them in the store will provide a cost estimate that is seemingly going to be low relative to other companies. This estimate is a free service that Fernandez provides to all of its potential customers.

This company’s selling point is certainly their lauded customer service and low price point.

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How Much is Windshield Repair in Chicago?

Windshield repair unlike replacements, usually averages around $200 – $300 in most places, with some fluctuations occurring from changes in the glass market as well as different store’s quality.

If you are shopping for swift repairs and workmanship in the area, Auto Glass Masters & Trim is likely your best bet. If you are looking for a company that has been long serving the Chicagoland area, Aaron Auto Glass is likely your best port of call.

If the price is your major concern, Fernandez Auto Glass & Repair is where you should go as they seem to have the best overall price as some customers have stated windshield replacement costs as low as under $200 which is almost unheard of.

Other than these key features listed above, all three of these businesses offer great and reliable services and all of them are worthy of doing business with. If you needed to pick one, however, Fernandez is likely the first place you should get a quote from.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.