It’s happened again.  You’ve managed to get another crack in your windshield.  Now it’s time to find a reputable windshield repair shop somewhere in the vastness of Indianapolis.  Sifting through the many windshield repair shops can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never had any prior experience with these shops.

How do you know who to go to?   Where are you going to get both a great deal but professional service?  This article has done the legwork for you.  Below you’ll find several leading windshield repair shops eager to do business with you.

1) Four Stars and Service with a Smile:  Safelite AutoGlass of Indianapolis

Rated consistently high by thousands of customers, a sorry-looking windshield can find hope of a great repair at a great price at Safelite AutoGlass.  Among the many reasons to love Safelite is the fact that no matter when the untimely chip or crack appears on your windshield, Safelite has representatives standing by to schedule an appointment 24/7.

And when you schedule an appointment for a windshield repair in Indianapolis, you’re emailed the name, photo, and credentials of the technician who will be working on your car.  How is that for peace of mind?  They also used advanced windshield replacement technology called TrueSeal.

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This system ensures exact placement of your new windshield, which means the seal is the strongest it can be.  If they are just repairing a small crack or a chip, Safelite uses an exclusive resin called GlassHealer.  This resin will repair the crack or chip and your windshield will be stronger for it.

On top of the great service they provide, they also offer a lifetime guarantee on any of their repairs.  They stand behind their work.  If you’re looking to repair your windshield, no matter who sever the damage is, Safelite AutoGlass is a sure bet.

For quotes and service, you can call Safelite at 1-877-664-8931 or visit their website.  There you can send them an email or use their store locator for an exact address of their Indianapolis service station.

2)Hailed as “The Best in Auto Glass,” give Glass America a Call

Ever chip or crack your windshield and you know you need to get it taken care of, but your busy schedule keeps getting in the way?  If you give Glass America of Indianapolis a call, you would soon find out that they could come straight to your home.  That’s right!  Glass America has an amazing team of Sika Adhesive Systems and LYNX systems certified technicians that are ready to spin their own wheels in order to bring their windshield repair service to you in Indianapolis.

They can work on any make and model of vehicle and they promise a lifetime warranty on all of their repairs.  And their representatives back at the shop will deal with your insurance while your technician gets to work repairing your windshield right in your driveway.  It can’t get more convenient than that.

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Thousands of happy customers have experience friendly technicians, warm phone representatives, and very competitive rates.  Many have commented on how fast and easy the process what and how each technician performed beyond expectations.

Glass America simply believes that getting your windshield replaced or repaired shouldn’t be a burden.

To set up a service appointment or ask a few questions, you can call the manager of Glass American of Indianapolis, Ray Fisher at 317-537-8378.  You may also email them at

3)The Doctor Will See You Now:  Glass Doctor of Indianapolis


When you’re sick or injured, you go see a doctor.  The same goes for when your windshield is suffering too.  Glass Doctor of Indianapolis has a big team of certified technicians who uphold the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) and will work with you and your insurance to make sure your windshield is back to its old self in no time.

They are also concerned that you understand your windshield and how a crack or a chip could cause safety hazards.  Glass Doctor of Indianapolis is a company very much invested in its customers.

They guarantee all their work and should your windshield suffer more damage within 12 months of the replacement date, Glass Doctor will replace the windshield again for free.  Because they are strict about their standards and because they use the same quality auto glass that the automakers use, they feel confident that they can guarantee every single one of their windshield repairs done in Indianapolis.

And they don’t just guarantee their repairs, they guarantee the while windshield repair experience.

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Customers have always commented on how friendly and knowledgeable the technicians were and how professional the other representatives were as well.  At Glass Doctor of Indianapolis, they know that they aren’t really dealing with cars, but with people and they take that very seriously.

To schedule an appointment or to receive a quote, you can call Glass Doctor at 317-643-4245 or 866-366-2618.  You can also go online and submit a service request on their website.

Mobile Windshield Replacement:  They Come to You

When your schedule is tight, but your windshield desperately needs some attention, it’s good to have a shortlist of windshield repair shops in Indianapolis that offer mobile windshield replacement.  In short, that means they come to you and save you a lot of time and headaches.  Along with the three already mentioned, here are a few more repair shops that offer mobile service in Indianapolis.

  • Windshield Centers of Indianapolis:  Ready to come to you, guarantee their work and deal with your insurance company, give Windshield Centers of Indianapolis a call at 800-900-1505.
  • Guardian Auto Glass:  Locally owned and nationally backed, Guardian Auto Glass is ready to come to the rescue.  Call them at 317-522-1181.
  • Auto Glass Expert:  At no additional charge, they will bring their windshield repair services to you.  Call them at 317-862-4047

Auto Windshield Repair Costs in Indianapolis

Whatever cost you incur at an auto glass repair or windshield repair shop in Indianapolis is greatly determined by whether you need to repair or replace the windshield and what your insurance will cover.  On average though, a minor repair, where the entire windshield does not need replacing is around $100.

That is without insurance, so it may be less if windshield repair is included on your policy.  To replace the entire windshield, you should expect the cost to be about $200 more than a repair alone.

Prices also vary by make and models and whether or not your repair shop has your windshield in stock or if they’ll have to order it.  Be sure to always get a quote from several reputable repair shops so you and your insurance company can find the best deal.

Nothing is more irritating than having to drive around with a chipped or cracked windshield, especially if the crack is right over your line of sight.  It’s important to get the windshield fixed or replaced since a crack or a chip presents a safety hazard.  You need a strong piece of glass between you and whatever heads your way.  However, finding a good windshield repair shop in Indianapolis that will offer a competitive price and excellent work can also be just as frustrating.

There are a few standouts in the world of windshield repair and this article has outlined them for you.  No matter where you go for windshield repair though, always look for certified technicians, a good warranty, competitive prices and additional services like mobile replacement.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for basic guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.