Did you shatter your windshield in a bad accident? Rocks fly up and hit your windshield? There are many places for windshield repair in New Orleans. Let’s compare and contrast three different repair companies in NOLA and see where the best place to get it fixed is.

Broad Glass

Broad Glass in New Orleans is a well-respected organization, in business for almost fifty years after opening shop in 1965. While they certainly offer repair of all glass in automotive vehicles, Broad Glass also offers residential glass repairs as well. While some people prefer dedicated auto repair stores, there are advantages to having a service that offers residential repairs as well.

The major advantage to this is, if you trust them after getting a house window repaired, you can be assured that they will also be capable of repairing your vehicle’s glass as well.

They offer a free estimate of how much the job will cost by simply calling their phone number, listed above. Unlike some places, where a quote can at times be a gross underestimate to drive sales, many reviews of Broad Auto state that they were charged the exact cost that they were initially quoted.

windshield repair new orleans

 Image Source:broadglass.com

They list some detailed information on their website and while a layman might not have a total understanding, it is obvious they do. Another feature of the company is that not only repair glass but offer other, secondary repairs and replacements such as replacement windshield wipers.

These little touches help add to the company’s credibility and make it a good choice for auto glass repair.

Contact Information:

  • Name: Broad Glass
  • Address: 3525 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Phone number: (504) 486-4416
  • Website: www.broadglass.com

Jazz Auto Glass

Jazz Auto Glass is a business specializing in repairing automotive glass. Their secondary service is window tinting (the process of artificial darkening the tint of the window). A seven store strong franchise, Jazz Auto Glass has only been in business for just over ten years, showing that expansion has been quite rapid.

They also state that while most companies will take a decent amount of time to repair your windshield, they will usually have the job done in less than thirty minutes. They advise you to seek repair instead of replacement if cracks are shorter than three inches as repair is certainly cheaper.

Giving more helpful advice, they state that most of the time, your insurance company with waiving your deductible for repairs, but not necessarily for replacements.

Jazz Auto Glass insists that their pricing for windshields and window tinting start at $119, certainly a price worth investigating as for windshield replacement, that is quite cheap. Of course, labor doesn’t factor into that price, so the actual price would be higher.

They state that their biggest tenant of business is quality, so while your total cost might end up being somewhat high relative to other companies, you know you are getting a great job on your glass repair.

Contact Information:


Clear Glass

Clear Glass is another NOLA based auto glass repair store. Their big tenants are that they offer affordable rates and 24 hours a day service, which has the potential to be quite popular. They state that they provide fast turnaround on products and repairs for an affordable price.

Unfortunately for this store in comparison to the others, its reviews are less than glowing. Reviews from the last year at least have mostly been negative overall, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of consumers. Problems customers stated to range from arguments with the manager over whether the windshield had been installed properly without the manager even seeing the car as well as technicians running late, forcing rescheduling and leaving a mess of windshield glue on the customer’s car.

windshield repair new orleans

 Image Source: neworleans-auto-glass.com

The most recent review that is listed on their website that is a positive one was from four years ago, leading one to believe that a change of management has forced the store into a state that isn’t providing good service.

While their website offers a facility to receive an instant quote, from these reviews it can be said that it is most likely not worth giving your business to them. Shop at one of the other above listed stores and receive a service that both you and they can be proud of.

Contact Information:

How Much is Windshield Repair in New Orleans?

On average, a windshield replacement costs around $200 – $300, depending on quotes as well as the current glass market. These three stores give a good cross-section of the kind of stores that can be found in the business of windshield repair in New Orleans.

Instantly, Clear Glass can be removed from the equation of which store to give your business to. From the remaining two, there is no clear winner. Both have strong positives. The best course of action is to get an official quote from them and if you are satisfied with the price, give them your business.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.