It only takes a quick drive around the business sectors of Richmond, VA to realize just how many windshield repair shops are vying for your business.  You know you need to repair the windshield or maybe even get it replaced, but you don’t want to go broke and you don’t want a hassle.  How do you decide where to go?

You don’t know much about cars, much less the windshield of a car, so how do you know if the repairs recommended are actually necessary?  It can be a real headache, that is unless you’ve got some inside information.  Below you’ll find the top three specialists and more information that every car owner should have before they set foot in a shop.

Choose Ace Glass For Windshield Repairs In Richmond, VA

A 15-year veteran of the glass repair and installation business, Ace Glass is definitely someone you need to consider if you’ve cracked or chipped your car’s windshield.  All of their technicians are well trained and fully prepared to utilize the latest in windshield repair technology so that you can feel confident driving behind your new windshield.

All staff, meaning everyone from the folks at the front desk, to the manager, to the techs can answer any questions you may have about the repairs needed, the costs acquired, and the process followed.  And if you have car insurance, Ace Glass will gladly work with them for you so you can just sit back and wait for your shiny new windshield to be installed or repaired.

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Their website is easy to use and you can get a quick quote right over the web so you can compare them with any of their competitors.  And on top of everything else, they will come to you!  That’s right.  Ace Glass serves areas around Richmond with their mobile techs and can come to replace or repair your windshield either at your home or at your place of business.  That means you don’t have to try and squeeze one more thing into your schedule.

If you’ve damaged your windshield and need a reliable and friendly place to help you out, check out Ace Glass.

Contact them by calling either (804) 379-3368 or (804) 266-1449.  You can also visit their website at

Auto Glass Now Gets the Job Done with a Smile

Having proudly installed over 3 million windshields in its 27 years in the windshield business, Auto Glass Now is one shop where you’ll find expertise and fantastic service.  They also proudly boast that they have the lowest price, guaranteed, no matter the make and model of your car.

Each one of their technicians comes to Auto Glass Now already highly trained but they all still have to go through a rigorous certification to make sure they know about all of the latest developments in repairing a windshield.  They feel so confident that you’ll get the best repair or replacement, they back up all of their repairs with a lifetime warranty.

And if time is of the essence, in most cases, they can repair your windshield in under an hour.  Don’t have time to actually get the car to the shop?  They have a mobile service that can be their years of experience to your home or place of business and get the job done without disturbing your day.

windshield repair richmond va


Don’t drive around with a compromised windshield.  Take it over to the experts at Auto Glass Now.

Contact them by visiting their website, or call one of the local Richmond locations, (804) 358-1222 or (804) 745-0900

Certified Glass Services  

Certified Glass Services is the true local guys.  They know Richmond almost better than anyone does.  They also know all kinds of vehicles and automotive glass better than most anyone does.  Whether you’ve managed to crack or chip the windshield on your car, SUV or truck be they foreign or domestic, Certified Glass Services can fix it all.

You can call and they will happily offer free estimates to make comparing and shopping around much easier.  They also guarantee all of their work.  They want to make sure each and every customer leaves their shop completely satisfied and raving about their experience.  That’s commitment!   And if you can’t find a day or an hour to take your car into the shop, they have a free mobile service that can come directly to you.

It can’t get more convenient than that.  They will also work with your insurance company on your behalf and ensure you’ll get the best deal in the area.  All of their technicians are highly trained and have a local reputation of being extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

You simply cannot go wrong with Certified Glass Services.

Call them today at (804) 310-9048 or visit their website,

Windshield Glass Repair Services that Come to You

You know you need to get your windshield looked at.  That crack isn’t going to get any smaller and in fact, it may have gotten a little bigger.  One more hit by a rock or something else flying through the air and that windshield might be a goner.  But you don’t have the time to take your car into a shop.  That’s no problem for the following three windshield repair shops.

Along with the three shops already mentioned in this article take a look at these competing businesses.

  • Wise Cracks Auto Glass Repair and Replacement, Mechanicsville, VA 23111 (804) 909-3172. | Website:
  • East End Glass Shop, 4019 Williamsburg Rd. Richmond, VA (804) 222-2457 | Website:
  • Safelite AutoGlass, 1100 Athens Ave. Ste D, Richmond, VA 23227 (877)307-1063 | Website:

Average Cost of Windshield Repair in Richmond, VA

While how much a windshield repair may cost would greatly depend on the extent of the damage, whether or not you have insurance, and whether or not any parts have to be ordered in, expect to pay anywhere from $150 or $350 for a windshield repair or replacement.

Generally, simple repairs aren’t that expensive and insurance usually covers the entire cost.  But rare makes and models of the car may cost more as would a total windshield replacement.

Repairing or replacing a windshield is on the top of anyone’s list of fun things to do on your lunch break.  However, a compromised windshield is a safety hazard for you and your passengers.  Now that you know who to trust with your windshield repair in Richmond, VA and how much you can expect to pay, there is no reason to put of these needed repairs.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.