You’re driving along merrily one fine day when suddenly something so disastrous catches your eye. Have you ever been in the position where a crack appears on your windshield and you need to get it checked at a windshield repair store located in San Jose? The whole of the United States has experienced and panicked when a situation like such occurs.

So, what is the solution? Look no further. We can offer you reliant and valuable information upon Windshield repairs to ensure any repairs or replacements in San Jose can be handled in the easiest possible way. Supplying you contact details, information and cost comparisons, we can make the stress evaporate from your shoulders allowing you to continue your life as per usual.

Why is ‘Lotus Glass’ is a leading windshield repair store in San Jose?

Whether it’s a chip, crack or in need of complete replacement, Lotus Glass Inc. offers essential services to benefit your needs 100% for any type of motor.

  • With immediate repair or replacement, Lotus Glass can offer the best quote instantaneously in order for you to relieve any concerns and even in some cases it’ll be same day delivery.
  • With the best prices in town and approved by Insurance Companies overall, this company is trustworthy and worth your while.
  • You shouldn’t worry about having to pick up all the pieces afterward either, Lotus Glass not only cleans all the broken glass, but it also offers fantastic customer services and support.
  • As well as working swiftly and efficiently, their staff is known to give assistance to the very best standard, getting you back to normal in no time at all with reasonable and decent prices.


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Better prices elsewhere you say? Well, they can match and even beat that price just to ensure that you have the best possible service that’s right for you.

If any queries arise or you still feel unsure after reading this article, feel free to call in, drop in or write to Lotus Glass using the following contact information below.

Contact Information:

1120 N 10th Street

San Jose, CA 95112

Phone:  (408) 214-8011 or (408) 737-7080


City Glass

Professional yet swift, City Glass can offer you one of the best installation deals in San Jose with staff who are known to obtain years upon years of experience to assist you with the friendliest and supportive advice throughout the whole process.

  • Whether it’s windscreen replacements or even repairs, they seek satisfaction and therefore will provide good quality results.
  • If you’re out in the road and notice a crack or chip, almost instantly City Glass will come to you and sort the problem out in a matter of hours.
  • Located on the Corner of 10th Street and Horning, their 24-hour availability means that no matter where you are, no matter what the time, they’ll be down assisting you swiftly.
  • Any uncertainty you may feel can be put at ease with the fantastic support system on offer proudly guiding you through any elements of anxiety you may be feeling.

With high recommendations and guaranteed success, City Glass is one of the leading specialists in the area.

If any queries arise or you still feel unsure after reading this article, feel free to call in, drop in or write to City Glass using the following contact information below.

Contact Information:

990 N 10th Street

San Jose, CA 95112

Sun: Closed

Phone: (408) 816-2120 or (408) 509-3213


Average Repair Costs in the Area

The minute an issue like such comes to light, the first thought refers to ‘how much is this going to burn a hole in my wallet?

  • Well, different companies offer different prices, some can range from $100 to even $400 and that’s just for repairs!
  • If your insurance provides glass cover then your existing windscreen can be repaired or replaced free of charge by your insurance company
  • However if not, it is advisable to search for the best offer from a company and then present this to another company which you prefer as the most promise to match and/or beat your first offer.

Overall, it is evident that ‘Lotus Glass’ and ‘City Glass’ are one of the best for windshield repairs and replacements in San Jose and therefore can offer the most beneficial service available alongside support and assistance wherever you are. I couldn’t recommend anywhere better!

DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.