The windshield is a very important part of the automobile as it provides support to the overall structure. It also acts as the last barrier after all other safety features have failed in an accident. Cracked or chipped auto glass shatters during an accident and could aggravate the situation even further.

Despite the dangers a cracked windshield poses, many drivers avoid replacement or repair of their windshields. This should not be the case as windshield replacement services are both affordable and easily done. There are several windshield replacement services in Wichita, KS that deal with windshield replacement and repair—we review three of the best.

1.Safelite Auto Glass, Wichita KS

windshield replacement wichita ks

Safelite Auto Glass was established over six decades ago and is one of the largest auto glass companies in the country with presence in all fifty states. In Kansas alone, Safelite Auto Glass has five branches that cater for all your windshield replacement needs. The Wichita Safelite Auto Glass service center is located on East 34th Street facing Highway 96 between Rock Rd and Webb Rd right next to the Golf Warehouse.




There is a wide range of products and services provided at the Wichita service center:

  • Fast and efficient repair and replacement of any auto glass by highly qualified technicians. The use of state of the art primers and techniques ensures that windshield replacement can be done in under 90 minutes
  • Mobile glass repair and replacement services
  • Replacement using the original auto glass from automobile manufacturers
  • Scratch and chipped auto glass repair
  • Wiper replacement
  • Auto glass cleaners which remove dirt and grease from all glass surfaces


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As Safelite have a good working relationship with major insurance companies, they will handle your auto glass insurance claims on your behalf.

For quick and efficient service you can call them on 800-590-7856 or visit their website to schedule an online appointment.

2. American Auto Glass, Wichita KS

Operating from 1616 S Rock Rd Wichita KS, 67207, America Auto Glass is a thirty-year-old family owned auto-glass business that provides affordable and reliable auto glass replacement services.

windshield replacement wichita ks

  • Fast, reliable and affordable windshield replacement services in Wichita. Highly trained, friendly and efficient technicians provide quality services unmatched anywhere in the industry.
  • For customers who cannot drive to the service center for whatever reason, the mobile glass service is a convenient way of repairing or replacing auto-glass. Same day service is guaranteed if one calls and schedules an appointment. Liaison with insurance companies ensures that most expenses are covered and any extra expenses are kept to the bare minimum.
  • Door glass replacement- an automobile’s door glass is as important as the windshield and must be replaced or repaired promptly.
  • The inconvenience of a leaky windshield is easily repaired by the experts at American Auto Glass.
  • Mirror replacement – a cracked mirror interferes with the field of vision of a motorist and must be promptly replaced to avoid accidents. Having a broken mirror is an offense that will earn one ticket in most states. The mirror replacement provided by American Auto Glass is quick, affordable and of high quality.

American Auto Glass can be reached on (316) 652-9595 and online at


3.Discount Auto Glass, Wichita KS

Located on 1340 N Mosley St Wichita, KS 67214, this auto glass company is among the best in the region and offers a variety of services to its clients. Services offered include:

  • Mobile ‘come to you’ services for people whose tight schedule does not allow them to take their cars personally to the service center
  • Same day service provided one schedule a service appointment
  • Customized fittings for heavy commercial vehicles and vintage cars
  • State of the art diagnostic tools able to detect causes of windshield leakages and noise
  • Replacement of faulty wiper blade which are the cause of many windshield scratches and chipping

Discount Auto Glass can be reached on (316) 686 – 3648 or online at

Windshield replacement come to your services in Wichita

Given the busy schedule of many people these days, it is difficult for one to find time to take their vehicle to auto glass service agents. Luckily, most of the auto-glass companies in Wichita KS provide mobile repair and replacement services to their clients. All one needs to do is schedule an appointment and the mobile come to you services will be at your office or home to repair or replace any glass in your automobile.

In Wichita, there are many auto glass companies that provide windshield replacement ‘come to you‘services:

  • Safelite Auto Glass
  • Discount Auto Glass
  • American Auto Glass

Average Windshield Replacement Costs in Wichita

Comprehensive insurance, which covers the non-collision type of incidents, will easily cater for windshield replacement costs. However, prices for replacing a windshield in Wichita will vary depending on the auto glass service chosen, type of glass and modifications required.

Before filing for a comprehensive deductible, it would be wise to weigh the cost of replacement against the amount of your deductible. If the deductible is higher than the cost of replacement, it will not be worthwhile to file as the deductible will be much higher. For small repairs, however, many auto insurance companies will waive the deductible.

Windshield replacement and repair costs are dependent on a variety of factors:

  •  The length of the crack
  • Location and size of the chip
  • Whether work is done in shop or technician comes to you
  • Type of glass used: OEM or equivalent
  • Year, make, model and type of vehicle

The average costs are:

  • Repair of a crack will cost one an average of $100
  • Repair of chip $60
  • Windshield replacement is $250 on average. Charges can go as high as $1500 in cases where the vehicle in question is of a unique design or has been out of production for a very long time.

Windshield: Repair or Replacement?

Not all cracks or chips can be repaired effectively and various factors must be considered:

  • Size of crack- if larger than three inches, a replacement would be a better option
  • Location – a crack in the driver’s line of vision means that the windshield must be replaced
  • The shape of the crack – multidirectional cracks are hard to repair effectively

The three windshield replacement services in Wichita KS reviewed here is one of the most reputable firms for all your auto glass replacement needs.

Windshield replacement and repair must be done by reputable shops using the right materials. A poor quality windshield job can result in unnecessary future expenses and in serious injuries or death in case of an accident.


DISCLAIMER: This article is for basic guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.