Do I Need a Windshield Replacement?

A windshield replacement can come up for many reasons. Have you ever been driving behind a semi that kicked up a rock? Have you ever left your car outside during a hail storm? Has a microscopic meteorite ever unforeseeably rained down on your ride? We’re sure that you can sympathize with at least one of these situations.

The problem with these seemingly small issues is that they can cost you big time and unexpected things happen all the time, like a windshield wiper snapped off mid-highway! So, if something has happened to your windshield should you get it replaced? Let’s find out!

When and why do you need to replace a windshield?

The first thing you’ll want to determine is the extent of the damage. Is your windshield chipped or is it cracked? How large is the damaged area? If your windshield only has a small scratch, chip or crack then a simple repair will be needed to prevent further cracking.

But, if your shield has a crack larger than 6 inches or if it is located near an edge then a total replacement is recommendable. By quickly taking care of your windshield you can avoid further damage and the danger that this might cause.


Windshield replacement and repair tips

It may surprise you to find out that DIY windshield repair is possible. In fact, there are many kits on the market that promise to save you hundreds of dollars on windshield repair. If it is a small chip or a crack under two inches then DIY repair is a viable option. But, a crack larger than 2 inches or a chip with spidering means that you should go to a pro.

If you decide to repair your own windshield then make sure to keep the follow in mind:

  • Do the repair work in a shaded area (direct sunlight can affect the curing process of the resin).
  • Clean out the damaged area well and make sure to remove any broken glass.
  • Evenly apply resin, removing all excess.
  • Follow any special manufacturer instructions


Should I replace my own windshield?

Even more surprisingly it is possible to perform your own windshield replacement. If you are confident in your car repair skills then by all means give it a shot. Here’s what you should keep in mind though:

  • Purchase an aftermarket windshield for your make and model or reclaim one from a junkyard.
  • Gather these tools: a razor blade, prying tools, a caulk gun and a small brush.
  • Purchase pinchweld and urethane adhesive to complete the installation.
  • Make sure you have a helper! The extra set of hands can prove invaluable.


Windshield replacement insurance and coverage

In general, your insurance will cover windshield replacement. This is covered under the comprehensive portion of your policy (comprehensive covers any non-collision damage). If you only have liability insurance then insurance won’t cover the replacement.

Filing a claim is simple, but at times it’s not really worth it. Why’s that? Because usually,y this type of claim has a deductible around $500, depending on your policy. So, if the repair costs $400 and your deductible costs $500 then you’re basically throwing away $100.


Average Costs

Replacement costs vary depending on your location, vehicle and the extent of the damage. The cost to replace a sedan windshield at a dealer can be anywhere from $500 to $1,000 and for a truck or SUV this number can be well over $1,000. The easiest way to save on these costs is to go with an automotive glass shop. On average this option can save you between $200-500. But, which shop should you go with?


Leading Providers in the USA


Safelite: This is one of the biggest names in auto glass and a very popular choice. They opened their doors in 1947 and since have grown into a trusted auto glass repair brand nationwide. They claim to be able to provide most services within 30 minutes and that their service is available to 95% of US residents. Their Safelite Advantage is that repairs are stronger, faster and only use the best technology. To find a shop near you or to get a quote for your car simply visit their website


Speedy Glass: Speedy Glass is a well-known brand in the US and provides a very well-rounded service. Their services include glass repair and replacement for automotive, residential and commercial clients. They can provide you with anything from a small repair to a total replacement and you can easily receive a quote online. One nice thing about their service is that they help you to make your insurance claim using a special insurance claim form. Any service you receive from them includes a 90 day warranty on repairs, which takes the risk out of trying their service. To learn more about what they have to offer and their locations visit their website


Glass Doctor: That’s right even glass needs a doctor. Glass Doctor is a well-known service that provides excellent service. Like Speedy Glass they offer a full range of replacement and repair services, so you can go to them for all of your glass needs. This includes replacement and repair, as well as services for any other auto glass needs. They promise to complete your repairs in as little as an hour, so that you can go on with your life. They also provide a 12 month guarantee with their service. To visit one of their many locations or to receive a quote online visit their website


Get it fixed now!

A damaged windshield is a ticking time bomb. Waiting too long can turn a small repair into a large repair or even into a total replacement. So, the next time a semi kicks up a rock, a hail storm happens at the wrong time or a piece of interstellar matter comes crashing down on your car, get it fixed right away. Whether you decide to do it yourself or go to a professional, repairing your windshield early is the easiest way to save time and money on auto repairs. We hope this article will help you to make the right decision about windshield replacement.


DISCLAIMER: This article is for guidance only. Always consult with a Specialist on everything.

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